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Magic of Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India , Part 1

Magic of Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India (Part 1)

Magic of Lovein Soulful Folk Tales from India (Part 1) ebook112 pages enhanced with a choice of five Rasa Masterpieces by Artist Mumbiram ISBN: 978-3-943040-13-5PDF:  12 € [wp_cart_button name="Magic of Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India, Mumbiram & Party" price="12"] The “Magic and Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India” is a collection of five tales of Krishna as they are being narrated by Artist Mumbiram who enthusiastically shares them with people of all walks of life. In all five stories it is the innocent people,…


Visions of Krishna

Krishna Paintings Artist Mumbiram's Vision of Krishna in four Watercolour WorksThere are many visions and idols of Krishna. Most depictions show him excessively laden with jewellery. In Mumbiram's visions one sees Krishna’s laavanya which emphasises the beauty of a person without any ornaments. Such is very dear to Krishna's associates in Vraja Vrindavan cherishing this nectarean vision of Krishna who went after the cows with the cowherd boys and came home in the evening with a dust-covered face that the gopis found exquisitely…

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Neemtree under Moon


Treelogies Trees and Flowering Plants of Kokan in their God-Given Dignity and Beauty - A Series of 12 Watercolor Paintings by Artist Mumbiram “Treelogies” shows the Personalities of famous treesand flowering plants of India in Kokan.  "Trees not only give us fresh air to breath, they offer us intimate kinship and communion as noble and handsome friends and philosophers.  They continually inspire us to see the dignity of all living entities. They keep our sense of wonder alive. They bring us closer to God." Mumbiram Neemtree under Moon…


Coming Soon: Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy

Book ReadersLove on the Gutenberg Galaxy Coming soon.... Books are certainly the most peculiar facet of the human civilization of our planet. Indeed not all galaxies may have such civilizations inhabiting them. Yet Love as we know is truly universal. This ensemble of 21 charcoal renderings from Mumbiram’s prolific repertoire is about Books, Love, Love of Books and Books of Love. "Not by Bread Alone", Book Readers Ensemble, Mumbiram Book Readers and Books are a recurring theme in Mumbiram’s paintings. The ensemble titled: “Book…


Coming Soon: Gokura Auction, India – Japan

GOKURA AuctionINDIA-JAPAN Relations Coming soon....Gokura means Paradise in Japanese. This catalogue retells the friendship between Mumbiram and Gokula from Japan. The friendship between Gokula and Mumbiram had a storybook beginning in Vrindavan, India.Young Sachiko, Gokula, was attending the Tokyo School of Design. How exactly she came under the magical spell of India we will never know. Among other things she read a Japanese translation of the Bhagavad Gita spoken by Krishna over 5000 years ago. One thing led to another. Not only was…

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