Krishna Paintings

Artist Mumbiram’s Vision of Krishna in four Watercolour Works

There are many visions and idols of Krishna. Most depictions show him excessively laden with jewellery.
In Mumbiram’s visions one sees Krishna’s laavanya which emphasises the beauty of a person without any ornaments. Such is very dear to Krishna’s associates in Vraja Vrindavan cherishing this nectarean vision of Krishna who went after the cows with the cowherd boys and came home in the evening with a dust-covered face that the gopis found exquisitely beautiful.
In Mumbiram’s vision we see Krishna sitting and playing his flute in a meditative mood. He is shown with his favourite vanamala, a garland of forest flowers put together by his loving friends. A dancing peacock, lotuses bending towards Krishna’s lotus feet, a pair of amorous white doves near his lap and Tulasi dancing in the wind are enlivening the ambiance. 

Krishna in Hemant

“Krishna in Hemant”, Watercolour by Mumbiram

Here Krishna is shown in the cooler time of the year, Hemant. 

Krishna in Monsoon

“Krishna in Monsoon”, Watercolour by Mumbiram

Krishna in Sharad

“Krishna in Sharad”, Watercolour by Mumbiram

Here Krishna is seen in the time of the year when the monsoon is over and everything is green, Sharad

Krishna in Vasant

“Krishna in Vasant”, Watercolour by Mumbiram

Here Krishna is shown in spring, Vasant.

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