Trees and Flowering Plants of Kokan in their God-Given Dignity and Beauty – A Series of 12 Watercolor Paintings by Artist Mumbiram

“Treelogies” shows the Personalities of famous treesand flowering plants of India in Kokan. 

“Trees not only give us fresh air to breath, they offer us intimate kinship and communion as noble and handsome friends and philosophers. 
They continually inspire us to see the dignity of all living entities. They keep our sense of wonder alive. They bring us closer to God.” Mumbiram

Neemtree under Moon

“Neem Tree, Aloe Vera and Alu Plant on a Full Moon Night”

The sturdy Neem Tree is a familiar sight all over rural India. Even the most remote and isolated settlements are sure to have a few Neem Trees adorning the landscape. The Neem Tree purifies the environment. Various parts of the tree contribute the natural ingredients in toothpastes and mosquito-repelent creams.
The Moon shining through the Neem Tree is a popular theme of lullabies that mothers sing to put baby to sleep.
The thorny Aloe Vera Plant grows even in arid land. The pulp in its fleshy leaves has medicinal qualities. It is taken internally and also used externally for skin and hair care.
Many varieties of the Taro Plant grow in wild abundance during the monsoon. Not all of them are eatable. Alu is an eatable variety that goes into many delicious festive vegetable preparations.

Champak Tree, Phanas Tree and Tulasi Plant

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Guava Tree with Bulbuls
Chinch Tree and Peacock
Parrots in Mango
Girls under Parijatak Tree
Gulmohor Tree and Cuckoo
Papaya Tree and Chikoo
Palm Trees and Bharadwaj

“Coconut Palm, Bharal Tree, Rukmini Plant.”

Coconut Trees give Kokan its distinctive landscape features. Its immense compound leaves weave beautiful patterns against the sky. They are used for making roofs, partitions and fences in native homes. The sturdy stems
of the tree make pillars and beams in these houses. The water in the fruit is a refreshing healthy drink. The flesh in the fruit is used in cooking and in extracting coconutoil, which is a staple of native haircare. The fibre around the fruit is woven into ropes and matts.The Coconut Tree is
rightly called Kalpavriksha (wishfulfilling tree).
The Bharal Tree is one of the exotic varieties of palms that grow in Kokan. Its leaves appear as if they are artistically trimmed with a pair of scissors. Recently they have become decorative additions to all varieties of bouquets of flowers. Full-grown Bharal Tree sends down bunches of strings each looking like a garland of beads.
The Rukmini Plant has bright red delicate flowers with a long stem and exactly four short petals. The flowers appear in bunches that arrange themselves in near-perfect hemispheres. It is a popular garden plant.
The Bharadvaj Bird, like sages of antiquity, is a rare visitor to your garden from his unknown mysterious hide aways. A sighting of Bharadvaj Bird is considered to be an auspicious omen.

Bale Tree with Dancer
Cows under Banyan Tree