Posters of Rasa Renaissance

Enjoy the blissful atmosphere of Rasa Art – Become a Rasik

These Rasa Art Posters present Mumbiram’s Rasa Art along with verses from Sanskrit Classics about Love and Spirituality or Mumbiram’s own verses inspired by the same ideals.

Handsigned by Mumbiram, these posters are collectible items.

They create an atmosphere of love, romance and joy. They appreciate the beauty of creation and celebrate the uniqueness and universality of human existence, of which the paramount essential aspect is Rasa – emotional fulfillment.

Mumbiram’s Rasa Art has not been perceived as illustrations but has been inspired by real people and situations in his life spent in search of beauty and Rasa. Therefore it is all the more surprising if not mystical to find that Mumbiram’s art exudes the same aura as the verses of India’s esoteric scriptures. They share the same Rasa of romantic, loving ecstasies.