“Editor’s Choice” Poster

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Rasa Renaissance Poster based on Artist Mumbiram’s original charcoal “Editor’s Choice”

from the “Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy” Ensemble

Collector’s item individually signed by Artist Mumbiram


Rasa Renaissance Poster based on Artist Mumbiram’s original charcoal “Editor’s Choice” from the “Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy” ensemble

Caption on the Poster:

“Editor’s Choice”
Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy


  • High Quality Print (semi gloss paper, 195g/m2)
  • Available in 3 Sizes:
    A2 (42x59cm)
    A1 (59x84cm)
    A0 (84x118cm)

This is a collector’s item. You will get your Rasa Poster individually signed by Artist Mumbiram.

Rasa Appreciation of original Charcoal


“Editor’s Choice”

(Charcoal, 2003, Mumbiram)

Rasa Appreciation of Mumbiram’s Rasa Art is always a pleasure. It has drama, it has beautiful people, the situation is rare, even unique… it leaves a delicious space for transcendental speculation. It brings out the Rasik in you.
Here these two sitting in close proximity are fairly surrounded by books. There are fat and thin books lying on their sides, one on top of the other, occupying nearly the whole top of the table.There is a similar assortment of volumes standing upright under the table. The buxom lady staring into space is apparently listening to the man sitting on a stool next to the table and reading from a book he is carrying in his right hand while gesticulating with his left hand. The man has an oval shaped face with a pointed chin and a high broad forehead that is gracefully delineated by his dense dark locks of hair that are in turn held in place by folds of an informal impromptu cap of broad chequered cloth that sits lightly on his crown. His eyes are long. His eyebrows are also long and curve over the eyes at a respectable distance. His lips are thick in the middle but narrow themselves to a fine point. Those in combination with his long concave nose that terminates in delicate nostrils is reminiscent of Harry’s Meghan’s attractive facade. We see his right foot. We can guess it is resting on his left thigh. The elbow of his right hand that is holding the open book is resting on the edge of the table between her two thighs as she sits straddled over the corner of the table. He may be keeping his elbow there to keep her from being fidgety and restless as he reads to her. She seems to be used to such clever pleasing gestures from him. She has wrapped her left arm behind his upper back and lightly rested her generously bangled left hand on his left shoulder. Her right wrist has even more bangles. She has pulled back her long tresses of dark hair in a fat loose knot and let the plentiful remainder dangle down her long back. Her face may be equally attractive as his, his chest is no less handsome than hers. They are not stereotypically handsome. The situation makes them attractive in juxtaposition.

This vision is captioned “Editor’s Choice”. What is the editor’s choice ? Or who is the editor’s choice ? Is one of these two an editor ? Is the piece they are reading the editor’s choice ? Or is one of them the choice of the other who happens to be the editor ? In a way it does not matter whichever of these possibilities be the choice we make. The winner is the beautiful Rasa Moment that is invoked in this easy graceful rendering of extraordinary simplicity and high aesthetic excellence.

This rendering is part of Mumbiram’s “Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy” ensemble published by Distant Drummer.