Where can I find out more about Author Artist Mumbiram ?

To find out more about Author Artist Mumbiram you are welcome to visit www.mumbiram.com

Can I contact Author Artist Mumbiram ?

You can contact Artist Mumbiram by visiting his website at www.mumbiram.com

How do I receive my ebook ? What means “personalized” ebook ?

After receiving your payment via paypal, your ebook will be personalized and sent to your email (in PDF) as soon as possible (at most in 24 hours). Personalizing your ebook means to “stamp” it with your name (first name and last name) or email address at the bottom of each page of the ebook. Stamping is an alternative to hard Digital Rights Management and protects the author from sharing the ebook without remuneration to the author.

Can I return my ebook ?

In general ebooks can’t be refunded.

How do you ship ?

We are shipping with DHL and you receive the tracking number by email.

Do you ship world wide ?

Yes, we ship world wide. The prices can be found under shipping. During check out the shipping costs are added automatically based on your address. If you have problems ordering from a certain country or the country does not show up in the list, please contact us under contact. We will be happy to help you.

Can I return the art work I acquired ?

Art works are non-refundable.

How can I pay ?

You can pay with PayPal. More about it at payments.
If you wish any other form of payment, you can contact us under contact and we can find alternative ways.

Where is my bill ?

You will receive the bill by email shortly after the payment has been made.

How long does the sending of my art work take ?

We ship with DHL standard. Here you can see the approximate shipping time.

Are there any customs fees for orders from Switzerland?

Deliveries from abroad up to an amount of CHF 300 are duty-free for private individuals. As soon as CHF 300 is exceeded, the amount of VAT is payable on the total value of the goods.

Where can I change my password ?

You can change your password under My Account in account details.

Where can I change my address ?

You can change your address under My Account in Addresses.

Can I do a training with Distant Drummer ?

Please inquire the possibility by sending us an email.

Can I send you my manuscript ?

We usually don’t accept manuscripts as we are dedicated to Rasa Art and Rasa Literature.