Magic of Love

in Soulful Folk Tales from India (Part 1)


  • 112 pages 

  • enhanced with a choice of five Rasa Masterpieces by Artist Mumbiram 

  • ISBN: 978-3-943040-13-5

PDF:  12 €

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The “Magic and Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India” is a collection of five tales of Krishna as they are being narrated by Artist Mumbiram who enthusiastically shares them with people of all walks of life. In all five stories it is the innocent people, loving devotees and courageous friends who inspire Krishna to perform a Leela.

Five Soulful Folk Tales: 

“How Krishna got accused of stealing Radhaji’s Ring”

“Why Tulasi is so dear to Krishna”

“The Miracle of Mangalvedha”

“Krishna waiting for Pundalik on a brick”

“The Wives of the Brahmins meet Krishna”

The “Magic and Love” is embellished with five of Mumbiram’s vast repertoir of artworks which were not made as illustrations but were inspired by real people and real life circumstances. That is the unique aspect of all of Mumbiram’s Rasa masterpieces.

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