Magic of Love in Soulful Folk Tales from India – Vol.I


Ebook (interactive PDF)

137 pages

choice of Rasa Masterpieces by Artist Mumbiram

ISBN: 978-3-943040-13-5


Collection of five folk tales from India narrated by Artist Mumbiram.
Mumbiram’s narrations reveal the rasa of boundless devotion and its unsurpassable power over miseries of the material world.

In all five stories it is the innocent people, loving devotees and courageous friends, who inspire Krishna to perform a Leela.

Five Folk Tales:

The innocence and selflessness of the Gopis is shown in “How Krishna got accused of stealing Radhaji’s Ring”.

“Why Tulasi is so dear to Krishna” reveals how deeply attached Krishna is to his devotees and forgives them by solving a problem in ’loving ways’.

In “The Miracle of Mangalvedha” Panduranga Ramavamshie, an outcast tribal man, is inspired to surrender all he has for the sake of justice by following Paramatma, God in everybody’s heart, the Universal Companion of every soul.

“Krishna waiting for Pundalik on a brick” is an account where Krishna bestows his mercy even on those who are not ‘lucky’ enough to be born of parents who encourage love of god.

The account of “The Wives of the Yadnyik Brahmanas meet Krishna” attributes to women the unique quality of developing spontaneous attraction to god, Raganuga Bhakti (spontaneous attraction for Krishna)

Here in these presentations Mumbiram has juxtaposed his stories with images or details from his own Rasa masterpieces that he had created independently. They were inspired by real people and real happenings in the artist’s personal universe. Amazingly, the images have a deja vu like resemblance with images conjured by the stories presented here.