Book Readers – Love on Gutenberg Galaxy


Ebook (interactive PDF)

About Mumbiram’s ensemble of Book Readers – Charcoal Masterpieces about Love of Books and Books of Love

103 pages

22 images  of charcoals, plus 13 images of more Rasa Art

ISBN: 978-3-943040-12-8


Books are certainly the most peculiar facet of the human civilization of our planet. Indeed not all galaxies may have such civilizations inhabiting them. Yet Love as we know is truly universal. This ensemble of 22 charcoal renderings from Mumbiram’s prolific repertoire is about Books, Love, Love of Books and Books of Love.

"Gita Govinda Dance"
"Leipzig Renaissance"

Book Readers and Books are a recurring theme in Mumbiram’s paintings. The ensemble titled “Book Readers, Love on the Gutenberg Galaxy” captures the noble and global ideals that inspire this  artist. Love is the constitutional rasa in Mumbiram’s poems as well as paintings.
In the Book Readers ensemble we see book reading as a very intimate sentimental experience, a blissful amorous happening that is ecstatic to all, crossing all cultural, ethnic or age barriers.

"Literary Incarnations"
"Favourite Reading Position"

Every one of the Book Readers brings out a new meaning and a different magic to the contribution of books to our civilization. The elegant simple lines of the artist conjure a variety of emotional, and romantic situations that we all are familiar with. 

"Not by Bread alone"
"In the Beginning was the Word"

Far from being redundant, the titles along with the paintings lead one to noble heights of realization that summon ecstatic memories and déjà-vus. 

"Perspective from the Vantage Point"
"Distant Drummer"

This catalogue includes various other artworks by Mumbiram which reveal him as the literary artist that he is. It includes ‘Mumbiram in his own Words’, a collection of famous quotations by Mumbiram which provide deep insights into the creative process of a Rasa Artist and the aesthetic perceptions of society. Listed at the end of this catalogue are the ‘References on Rasa Theory’. 

“Art should redden the west as much as the east.
Art should bridge the gap between man and woman.
Art should be the great antidote
for the maladies of the Material World.
Art should render economic disparity toothless.
Art should give wings to man.”